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Is it time to buy a Blackberry?

Is it time to buy a Blackberry?

With the world of mobile computing systems polarized between Ios and Androd, it is shocking that question and more than one look at the date of the post to see if it is an article a few years old Canadian Rim where the company if had some market share . No, it's not a joke, I mean the 2015 date may be the rebirth of these little phones that have gone out of existence by pioneers terminals that were left behind stuck on the keys. But making predictions is this area is much venture and has not yet born nostradamus technology, however, will leave some tracks ...

The boom of tactile devices leave the old keys BlackBerry ago, the company makes great efforts to revive and launch in 2012 the BlackBerry 10 OS based on QNX which is a variant of Unix.  Then maybe it is too late and the telephony world is polarized between Apple and Google, to design the Google operating system that is based on Linux which in turn is a version of Unix Open Source (so to summarize short and soon).

Surprised That Android is based on Linux ??

Following the story, and since Unix and Linux are first cousins, cost just an application launcher for Android on BlackBerry OS system and thus begins to open the door, first with a translator application that allowed transform .apk Android apps on BlackBerry .bar applications with the excuse that developers have an easy to turn your applications and later in the wake of the success that the same system running directly these applications.

Currently the BlackBerry OS is a proprietary operating system, but allows you to run through a launcher (launcher) a large number of Android applications, if we talk 10.3.1 system are around 85-90% for .apk running on this system without problem.  Besides the execution of these applications is made ​​within the system itself as if it were a matryoshka where a launcher runs and interprets these applications, this insulation provides a safety point to it and at the same time, cut consumption applications when subjected to strict control of the main OS.

Tizen is a proprietary operating system developed by Samsung, if you read recent news we see that the company was about to launch this system in its flagship Galaxy S5, however an agreement with Google at the last minute prevented the introduction of this system operating. The development of Tizen, like Android, Linux comes with what both are first cousins ​​on his mother.

Samsung BlackBerry glances at where it seems that the system works very well, yet not totally off phone sales this company, they call him a deal to improve the security of Android system recently signed these two companies, but who knows if behind this partnership there is the birth of a mutual agreement for a greater purpose ...

In the BlackBerry present there to improve and upgrade their operating system 10 supporting Beta distributions through even the original Blackberry Z10 launched in late 2012, prehistory for a changing world so fast.  
But the big change came with 64bit currently ios 8 already covers this architecture and the new Android 5.0 also, though few terminals that have these processors (very similar to those used in computers). The step Tizen Samsung or Blackberry with OS 10 is to see and to be seen as writes software for this architecture lies ahead this alliance.

It's time to try to answer the question of the beginning ....

Maybe still is not the time to change and replace our device by a Blackberry, but should continue glancing at these two companies and the result of these partnerships that insurance will manifest in any way with the arrival of 64bits.

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