martes, 26 de febrero de 2013

El freaky del Barça

 In Barcelona, we have got some football teams, the most knew is the F.C.B. we don’t spoke off Barcelona at this way; we know this team in informal chat like: Barça (barsa).

There are here a lot of fanatics of this team, but not of us are of this team, there are others important teams in this city like Españyol, (it is my favourite) this is another team of the premiere league of Spain.

 The tourist sometimes… a lot of times bought t-shirts of the city team in a lot of official stores, and is an important business for the city. Don’t worry are Barça memorabilia because are all around!
Barça is important because is an historic team of football and it wins a lot of championships.

Now I going to talk about a freak of this team. I don’t know this man, he lives in a flat that have a lot of flags of this team, at the night he switch on a lot of lights, blue and red (the colors of Barça team). Sometimes we are walking around and we look at the top of the building to see what new about barça it has done.
My wife and I we call him the freaky of the Barça, but in really we don’t know this men, woman… or whatever…

The flat is opposite the FCB stadium in Av Meridiana, this street is the second larger street of the city, we can travel from the north of the city to the south only walking in two streets, first Meridiana and then Gran Via, but if we need going out of the city for the west, we take the Diagonal street.
At the middle of this street the Glorias square, with and important building like an huge suppository similar to others buildings that are around the world like in London.


viernes, 8 de febrero de 2013

Travel to Barcelona


Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, is close to Mediterranean Sea and is well knowed in all the world for two events, the Olympic games of 1992 and the Barcelona football team.

The first that you have to know when you travel to Barcelona is that we have only one Airport, with two terminals T1 and T2 there are very close but you need to take a bus to travel from one to the other with 10 minutes of travel.
The T2 now is only for Ryanair and T1 is newer and used for the rests of air companies of the world. Girona is 100km from Barcelona 1 hour traveling by bus and sometimes Ryanair are landing there, but remember is cheaper but you need take a bus and travel to the city.

Other way to travel to Barcelona is by Boat, in fact the Barcelona port is one of the most important ports of the Mediterranean Sea. Some ships have there his start and end of the cruise and is very ease take a boat to travel from there to all the Mediterranean sea by boat.
The last but not least is train, we have high velocity train from Madrid in the middle of Spain or you can travel from France to la jonquera by train and take high velocity in Figueres to Barcelona.

Barcelona is delimited for the sea at the east, the collcerola mountains in the west, Besos River at north and Llobregat River at south (more or less geographically)
The centre of Barcelona is the Catalunya square, is in the middle of the city, from this square to the sea there are and old neighbourhood with some important churches, the cathedral the gothic quarter and the old walls of the city
From the Catalunya square to the mountain there are a new quarter, is from XIX century and we found a lot of modernism and the new city.
From the Catalunya square to the south you can see the montjuic mountain with all of the Olympic places from the games and we will found at last the llobregat river

and if you go to the north the most important that you found is Gaudi’s Sagrada familia is the unique Cathedral that is in construction at the world, and is really beautiful, behind this, the suburbs until we arribe to Besos river another frontier of Barcelona.

I hope that information could be useful, please give me your feedback or tell me about some that you want to know about Barcelona and I can tell you from the inside.