jueves, 7 de marzo de 2013

Sagrada Familia

Now it’s time to talk about gaudi’s Sagrada Familia (holy family) it is the unique cathedral in construction in the world and was consecrated by the pope Benedict XIV some years before.

Really, really I need to visit a church? Yes It’s compulsory if you travel to Barcelona, really if you are catholic, then with two reasons, but if don't you have to visit too. It is an impressive modernist building really, really beautiful and different to all other churches in the world.

The Sagrada Familia is more or less at the middle of Barcelona, but out of the habitual tourist areas. The first that you see is a huge queue of people waiting to buy his ticket to go inside.

However, do not buy your ticket yet, take a look of the two sides of the building. The first is the oldest named the birth of Jesus side, is spectacular and it was built for the same Gaudi.

The other side is the Pasion side, is of the architect Subirach, one of the disciples of Gaudi but is not the same style and sometimes is argued about is work.
You have two parks around the monument to see it, then you can buy your ticket and enjoy a temple made of a naturalism architecture, impressive ceilings and magnificent central room with columns imitating trees. All the art of Gaudi is imitate the nature and all the details are copied of the real nature, some strange in a catholic temple.

Please don’t forget your camera!!! And let me now your impressions about it.